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Acuff Celebrates 30th Anniversary In Style

Acuff Celebrates 30th Anniversary In Style

Acuff and Associates celebrated our 30th anniversary in style with a gala at the Grand Hyatt Nashville. The event was attended by Acuff personnel and their guests from our locations across the country.  Our staff were treated to dinner, dancing, and all that goes with such a grand celebration. Additionally, gifts and prizes were awarded.

Just to prove things were not all serious, awards were given Acuff staff for various silly superlatives. Those award recipients included:

•            Linda Green – Most Likely to Study for a Test She’s Already Taken

•            Sam McBride – Best All Around

•            Dakota Corum – Most Likeable

•            Ginger Lehman – Most School Spirit

•            Keith – Most Likely to Ask, “Have you restarted your computer?”

•            Cindy Daniel – Most Likely to Be Confused for an ATM

•            Natalie Shelly – Most Likely to Have Not Slept Since Last Week

•            Laeh Hardin – Most Dependable

In addition to the celebration of our anniversary, Acuff also honored one of our founders who had retired, David Kays.

A fun time was had by all and Acuff looks forward to another 30 years of success!